About Me

Hello! My name is Alessandro Bischetti, I was born in 1981 and I am a amateur photographer. I approached photography in 2013, with my father’s digital reflex! It was a cheap nikon d3100 in aps-c format. I was fascinated by this world and from now on I began to study and develop my technique! The photographic genre I love most is panoramas and street-photography but I do not despise to try other genres even to test and improve my skills.

I must thank my first mentors in this road: Giacomo Ciangottini and Lorenzo Costumato. Two guys, two outstanding photographers. They have sent me all the bases to begin pursuing my path in this world without frontiers.
I am currently a member of a historic club in Rome, the Photoclub L’immagine. Thanks to this continuing experience and in keeping with other amateur photographs I can expand my knowledge every day. I love and hate Rome, my city, which still manages to inspire me and give me unique moments that I can impress in my shots. I love the sea and the clouds, recurring subjects in my photographs. I love the sea especially in winter, when I can live it fully and personally!

I am a very empathetic person and I like to get in touch with the subjects I photograph, I love to photograph during weddings because I can sense the happiness of the newlyweds and manage to give beautiful natural shots capturing the salient instant of every moments.
I also love music and I like taking photos at sunset, alone, with my music in the ears. I like to travel and impress on the sensor all the moments I live away from my city. My reflex is always at my neck. That is why I want to thank my wife Antonella and my daughter Giulia who support me and tollerate me whenever we go together!

Alessandro Bischetti